Veterinary publich health and food safety

Dear friends,
We have seen in the news recently that scientist have created meat in the laboratory, however I don’t think that kind of meet is coming to your local shop anytime soon. I suppose we will keep our animals for food production purposes for decades to come.
Veterinary public health deals with safety of food of animal origin. Our policy makers are keen on having systems they can apply, HACCP, pre-requisites, quality management in addition to a long list of private standards etc, etc. All this makes things look complicated and important. I sometimes ask myself, are we perhaps over-complicating a simple issue. The core issue is basic, like separate clean and dirty, have proper flows, keep temperatures and so on.
What do you think about this? Do you have an opinion? Is this a too simplistic view?
Look forward to your comments, kind regards, Olafur Oddgeirsson

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