The FCC Group

Food Control Consultants Ltd (The FCC Group) represents a group of experts providing advice on food safety, veterinary public and animal health issues for the food industry (e.g. slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, dairy plants, fish processing plants, milk processing plants) and competent authorities. The FCC Group has furthermore expertise in the field of veterinary border controls, animal welfare, animal feed and veterinary medicinal products.

The FCC Group is able to provide assessment and advice on veterinary matters having extensive experience in improving official controls within national food safety systems as well as internal control systems for the industry such as prerequisite programmes and HACCP.  The company has clients within the EU Member States and in Third Countries exporting to the EU market. The FCC Group offers lectures and advice to governments, agencies and individual companies.

The FCC Group was established in Edinburgh, Scotland in February 1999 as a limited company. Its activities have increased steadily as much in the number of assignments completed as in its expansion into new areas such as cost-benefit analysis, animal identification and movement control and databases. Food Control Consultants Ltd represents a number of veterinary experts, with extensive experience in matters concerning European veterinary legislation,veterinary public health and supervision in the food industry.
Some of the key services provided by the company are presented on the following pages as example.

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