An interesting article on Salmonella “Factors That Affect Proliferation of Salmonella in Tomatoes Post-Harvest: The Roles of  Seasonal Effects, Irrigation Regime, Crop and Pathogen Genotyp”.  For more information, go to: Article Salmonella

Most Important Discoveries and Significance:
The irrigation regime per se did not affect susceptibility of the crop to post-harvest proliferation of Salmonella. However, Salmonella grew significantly better in water-congested tissues of green tomatoes. Tomato maturity and genotype, Salmonella genotype, and inter-seasonal differences were the strongest factors affecting proliferation. Red ripe tomatoes were significantly and consistently more conducive to proliferation of Salmonella. Tomatoes harvested in the driest, sunniest season were the most conducive to post-harvest proliferation of the pathogen. Statistically significant interactions between production conditions affected post-harvest susceptibility of the crop to the pathogen. UV irradiation of tomatoes post-harvest promoted Salmonella growth.

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