Estabman for the food industry!

Dear all,
EstabMan replaces the traditional clipboard with a tablet or laptop computer. An electronic template/ checklist is prepared which can be tailored to the precise needs of  the food establishment. The quality manager and/ inspector uses the handheld device to record the checklist/ inspection in real time as he works. The hand-held device does not need to be connected to the Internet whilst work is in progress. EstabMan will check the inspection results for completeness and consistency, and can then use either WiFi or Mobile Internet to upload the results to the EstabMan server. The server will then prepare the inspection report and eMail or fax this to the Establishment before the quality manager/ inspection has finished drinking his tea!
Main benefit of EstaMan:

  • Structured organisation of any check / inspection or audit.  No more meters of files on the shelf!
  • Ability to export inspection results to a spreadsheet (excel, openoffice etc)
  • The checklist / inspection/ audit report is available immediately following the inspection.
  • The system is easy to use and allows adaptation of the inspection/ audit template as needed during the inspection/ audit.
  • A system provides the possibility of creating a risk profile in food establishments.
  • Any food business can create their own template tailored for their specific needs.
  • The cost of using the system is low and the start-up cost minor or none.

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