We are pleased to announce our new service, offering LABBOX laboratory consumables, instruments and chemicals. We furthermore offer laboratory support on analytical methods, accreditation, business planning, lectures and support on food safety and official control. For more information, please visit our site here


Databases and documents for food companies

Let us take care of your documentations. We provide all your needs for documents and/ or databases to enable your management to rest assure that all hygiene and legal requirements are taken care of. We prepare you for suppliers audits, legal audits and give you a peace of mind. For more information see here:.


Budget-Conscious Tips for Parents

From: Amanda Henderson of safechildren.info. Teaching your kids to make healthier choices. Children today are bombarded with images that glorify choices and lifestyles that sound great, but it’s not enough to tell children what they should do, you have to display healthy behaviors and be a good role model.

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