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Support for laboratories in Tanzania, see here

EU framework contract

We are pleased to participate in the following EU framework contract: “SANTE/2021/OP/0002 – Provision of services in the areas of evaluation, impact assessment, monitoring of implementation and, other related services in relation to Health and Food policies” managed by Economisti Associati srl. We look forward to a constructive cooperation implementing services under this contract.

Antimicrobial resitance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents a serious risk to humans and animals.  Pathogens, exhibiting increased tolerance against antimicrobial medication, have always existed, however they have become more common in parallel to increased exposure to these substances.  Some medications are essential for treating life threatening diseases which have therefore been reserved for these specific purposes. 

Insufficient dosage and poor diagnosis (e.g. no laboratory analysis), are considered some of the main contributors to increases in AMR. No treatment should therefore be prescribed without identifying the pathogen and its resistance pattern.

An excellent place to stay in Edinburgh

The Sunny Garden House is located close to the Edinburgh Zoo, only 5 minutes walk to busses into town or to the Airport.  Both our rail stations Waverley or Haymarket as well as the City bypass are close.
The house is available for a minimum of 5 days.  For longer stays, please feel free to send us a message on the either of the two following booking platforms:

For Holliday Lettings, please see here

For AirBnB, please see here

The life of a country veterinarian in The Netherlands

An excellent film featuring the work of a country veterinarian, Maaike van den Berg, in the north of Holland, showing the ups and downs and major challenges. Maaike is also one of the two European representatives at the World Veterinary Association.
There are only few subtitles but most of the action doesn’t need translating. Highly recommended to watch.


Databases and documents for food companies

Let us take care of your documentations. We provide all your needs for documents and/ or databases to enable your management to rest assure that all hygiene and legal requirements are taken care of. We prepare you for suppliers audits, legal audits and give you a peace of mind.

For more information see here.

Budget-Conscious Tips for Parents

From: Amanda Henderson of Teaching your kids to make healthier choices. Children today are bombarded with images that glorify choices and lifestyles that sound great, but it’s not enough to tell children what they should do, you have to display healthy behaviors and be a good role model.

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