Education resources

The purpose of this webpage is to provide a list of links to online education material in various formats such as e-learning sites, videos, photos and research databases where applicable.

Included here is only what was available to the author and webmaster.  Readers are encouraged to provide links to their own resources, or create new lists as the case might be.  An exchange of links would be greatly appreciated.

Table of Content

Organisation General information Link
World Veterinary Association E-learning platform, focusing on veterinary matters. WVA e-learning
Cornell University Pathology pictures, useful for e.g. meat inspection. Cornell pictures
TiHo Hannover Several videos from the Veterinary University in Hannover, Germany. TiHo e-learning
DG SANTE Information on Auditing SANTE Audit video
EFSA General information on antimicrobial resistance. AMR video
EFSA Listeria infections in humans Listeria link
USMLE More on listeria USMLE Video
BTSF Academy (EU) Presentations and elearning TSE-ABP
CFSPH Iowa State Uni Centre for Food Security and Public Health List of courses

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