Methods on supporting authorities and industry

Supporting authorities and industry

Border controls:

Advice to competent authorities concerning implementation of the European Union rules applicable to checks on imports of live animals and animal products from third countries into the EEA area (European Union and EFTA/EEA states). Inspection and assessment of border inspection facilities.

Assessment of prerequisites and HACCP:

Internal controls in establishments processing food of animal origin is an essential part of food supervision. The assessment of own checks include traceability, microbiological criteria, pre-requisite programs and HACCP.

Databases for animal and veterinary public health:

Inspection tools have been developed by the company using hand held devices linked to a central database via mobile networks or LAN. The system is Webenabled, platform independent and quickly implemented and compliant with current EU/national legislation. It can also be used to record data on farm livestock directly on a database. It is moreover capable of managing records on animal diseases, treatments, restrictions on movement, slaughter and sale of animal products providing the relevant information to enable risk-based inspection at ante- and post-mortem inspection.


Lectures and seminars are available on any of the issues listed above. Outside experts might be recruited in specific cases.

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