15 % off Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals

I am contacting you about the launch of new Labbox products. I have personally been working with Labbox equipment and chemicals for some years and have been very happy with the quality/price of their products, especially the glassware and the chemicals. Labbox (manufacturer of products and chemicals based in Spain, EU) is expanding its range of products, for example to offer reasonably priced QuEChERS kits. For more information see here: Catalogue.

As an established Labbox partner, I am able to offer promotional rates on all Labbox products to all our clients as follows:

  • 5% for order up to 500 EUROS (or equivalent in another currency)
  • 7% for order up to 1000 EUROS
  • 10% for order up to 5000 EUROS
  • 15% for order above 5000 EUROS

This offer is valid for all orders confirmed before end of 2019.
In the last few years, we have also delivered equipment for border controls, hygiene testing, HPLC, various chemical and microbiological analysis.
(Please note that our prices are FOB, however we are pleased to propose a mode of delivery if requested. We deliver by Post, air, sea and courier. Import duties must usually be taken care of by the client).
Contrary to usual reseller, thank to our extensive experience in food safety, official controls and analysis, we help our clients to select the right equipment for their need, goals and budget.  We are furthermore able to offer bespoke laboratory training as well as on official controls and food safety in general.

Contact us for a quote!

Dr Olafur Oddgeirsson & Benoit Glaud

Directors, FCC and Analytical Laboratory Data Ltd

Fatima Ezzahra ATTNI (Order Service)
Commercial and Export Service

Please use the following mail for inquiries and orders: orders@food-control.com

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