Compliance with EU regulation:
Assessment of compliance is an important service for companies producing food of animal origin both within the EU or in Third Countries exporting to the EU, such as fish processing facilities, slaughterhouses, cutting plants, meat processing plants and dairy plants.
Support for laboratories:
We provide training and technical assistance for e.g. laboratories seeking accreditation (ISO17025), method implementation or for developing laboratory business plans.
Legal advice:
We develop draft legal frameworks for food safety, animal health, veterinary public health, animal feed and veterinary medicinal products. Support and assistance for the implementation of the legislation is an integral part of this service.
The company has recently is representing two new innovative pieces of equipment:
The first one is a new slaughter technique for artisan slaughter which however does fulfil all EU requirements in this field. Recent investigations have verified that the hygiene of meat greatly improved by this method. This new equipment which has been developed, is designed for slaughtering cattle in small slaughterhouses.
The second equipment is for standardized sampling of bacteria from surfaces. This equipment is used to sample meat surfaces, but also equipment, walls, floors, etc.


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