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Key Benefits

  • Provide expert advice on animal by-products, legislation and classification of products,
  • Provide information on procedures, storing, transporting and processing,
  • Advise on certificates required for trade,
  • Advise on import/ export,
  • Carry out audits of animal by-products plants
  • Support airlines and airports in handling international cabin waste.


Legislation and classification

Assisting with the development of the animal by-products legislation, developing draft legal text and assist with implementation as requested.

Implementation and import/ export

Supporting industry and official control bodies, such as competent authorities at veterinary border post and laboratories, establishing and managing import control rules.

Establishing an internal control system

Developing an internal control system for animal by-products plants elaborating procedures and forms needed to run a hygienic and efficient operation, which also fulfils the legal requirements on national and/or European basis. See also: Internal control If requested, a risk assessment analysis can be carried out, including development of flow charts for each product and establishing the necessary procedures for running the internal control system in an animal by-products plant.

International Cabin Waste

International cabin waste has increased dramatically in resent year which is constituting a growing problems for airlines, increasing demand for recycling which in most countries is not permitted due animal health rules. The company has long standing experience in this area providing support for creating separate waste streams and developing feasibility studies and reports for legislative changes.

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