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Key Benefits

  • Provide expert advise at the planning stage, project management and fund application
  • Provide layouts and design compatible with EU requirements
  • Preparation of tenders, selection of suppliers
  • Provide supervision during project execution
  • Applies e.g. to slaughterhouses, cutting plants, meat processing plants, dairy plants and fish processing plants.


Planning stage, analysis of requirements
Assistance when negotiate initial ideas of the factory, elaboration on legal requirements and developing the necessary production lines. Elaboration of an initial floor plan, selection of the equipment needed and the time frame for the project.
A careful elaboration of the initial analysis of requirements is essential for developing the project, in order to avoid later changes to the project plan which might be expensive.

Advice during the building process
Elaboration of tenders in accordance with the timetable foreseen. Advice on the selection of suppliers and negotiation of final agreements. Supervision of building activity and delivery of equipment. Final assessment of the building when finished and the equipment delivered.

Establishing an internal control system
Developing an internal control system for the establishment in general including elaboration of procedures and forms needed to run a hygienic and efficient operation, which also fulfils the legal requirements on national and/or European basis.See also: Internal control If requested, a risk assessment analysis can be carried out, including development of flow charts for each product and establishing the necessary procedures for running the system.

Further explanations

This service includes also veterinary laboratories (in co-operation with the company R. Maron, see under “producers of equipment” on this website)

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