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Key Benefits

  • Maximise the use of investment made in internal control
  • Do what is necessary with minimum investment and maximal return
  • Increase productivity, food safety and quality


Specific audit of the existing internal controls applied in a food processing facility (Food of aniamal origin: fresh meat such as slaughterhouse, cutting plant, cold store, as well as meat processing plants, dairy plants and fish processing plants). This will include the own checks and HACCP systems as applicable. Procedures and forms included in the system will be scrutinised and the consistency of corrective actions verified both the documentation and on the spot if necessary. An overall assessment of the system will be delivered at a final meeting and in a separate report following the audit.

Proposal for establishing internal control – option I, teaching and co-operation
This option includes an audit of the facilities and elaboration of a comprehensive internal control system applicable to your company. The emphasis is on establishing a team inside the company and to assist that team in developing their own system as far as possible, enabling the company’s own staff to maintain and develop the system on their own after the intial assistance and continuous guidance by our company.

Proposal for establishing internal control – option II, developed by FCC
In case explicitly requested by the company concerned, the analysis of the production processes can be carried out by FCC staff and all necessary procedures and forms supplied, but wherever possible companies are advised to use the first option as above.

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