Key Benefits

  • Correct structure of the veterinary legislation and veterinary services
  • Advice to Third Countries to achieve compliance for export of products of animal origin to the EU
  • Expert advice on implementation of secondary legislation


Elaboration of Veterinary Framework Acts
A veterinary framework act lays down the basic structure of veterinary supervision, such as for animal health, public health, foodstuffs, feeding stuffs and veterinary medicinal products. The correct structure of this basic legislation is essential for a smooth and successful empowerment and interaction between the relevant services.

Assessment of implementation – table of correspondence
Compiling of reports on consequences in case of implementation of EU veterinary legislation or assessing the present implementation. This might in particular include the veterinary public health and animal health directives.

Assessment on compliance – Third Countries export to EU
Assessment of veterinary legislation in Third Countries preparing for export to the EU market. Assessment of laboratories, import regimes and production facilities. Assistance and administrative support to the veterinary services concerned, such as compiling reports and letters to support application to be included on the list of countries and establishments permitted to export to the EU market.

Participation in negotiations on veterinary matters
Expert advice at the correct moment during sensitive negotiations might safeguard for unexpected surprises at later date.

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