Key Benefits

  • A precondition for risk based audits
  • Eliminate paper records during internal or external audits
  • Increased accuracy in data capture
  • Fast and easy recording by using hand held devices (PDA or tablet)
  • Mobile/ Wireless or LAN connection, real-time and on-line recording
  • On-line presentation of all legal requirements
  • Simple Web Browser approach
  • Point of Process Data Capture
  • On the spot presentation of non-compliances
  • Cost effective


In most cases establishment use paper based forms to register internal controls (prerequisites, HACCP etc), audits or inspections. If this information is intended to be used in a meaningful way, an additional manual entry into a database is required at a later date, which is cumbersome and subject to errors. We decided to find an solution to this problem and have developed an easy and efficient system for these registrations using hand held devices, which allows the data to be used at a later date for statistical purposes or for compiling reports for clients or control agents.

Registration of e.g. animal ID, movement control, veterinary Surveillance, establishment audits, assurance and processing data recording / tracking. These systems are being developed in co-operation with strategic partners, to provide a core animal identification, movement control and veterinary surveillance system. The technology applied is web-enabled, platform independent, and quickly implemented.

The design is fully compliant with current EU legislation and can be used to record data on all species of farm livestock, on the same database and/or be linked to other databases by a simple interface e.g. Geographical Information Systems, Farm Assurance Schemes, Milk Recording and Breed Society.

Another typical field of application is recording the diagnosis of veterinary diseases, treatments, and imposing restrictions on animal movements and animal products as applicable. This integrated approach to the registration of animal health data, in particular providing the official veterinarian with this information at the point of ante and post mortem inspection, established the basis for a truly risk based meat inspection.

The specific centralised registration of all animal treatments, not only in food producing animals, has been used to maintain an efficient system of pharmacovigilance.

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