A brief description of the service …

Key Benefits

  • Verification of compliance with EU legislation
  • Increasing food safety and product quality
  • Being prepared for FVO / ESA inspection


This service includes an EU conform audit of the production facilities including an assessment of the internal controls applied, such as pre-requisite programs and HACCP. The importance of these checks and their documentation can’t be over-emphasised. It is not enough to comply with the legislation during a visit by the authorities or a customer, a proof must be provided for such compliance at any given time. Only a well-established and maintained documentation will demonstrate such compliance.
A thorough physical inspection of all rooms and equipment included into the production process will be carried out. Issues such as structure and layout, installation and equipment, maintenance and cleanliness and operational hygiene will be analysed and assessed. A detailed report will be compiled listing all deficiencies detected.

Advice following an audit
Upon request, we are able to give your company a proposal for a corrective action. Each individual deficiency will be discussed and corrective action proposed. Some of the deficiencies detected during DG SANTE (former “Food and Veterinary Office”) or EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) inspections might appear to require considerable investments. In some cases this can be avoided if detailed analysis of the deficiencies is carried out and all possible solutions properly assessed and evaluated.

Continuous assessment
It is a well-established fact, that staff working for a long time within the same company becomes “house-blind” and does not notice the deficiencies around them, which they otherwise would do in an environment they have not visited before.
In such cases an outside agent can help the hygiene management of the establishment by critically assessing the situation on a regular basis to ensure that the relevant staff is adequately managing the situation. Receiving such a visit will put the management in a good position to receive a customer, or the relevant authorities, with confidence at any given time. We are able to provide such a continuous assessment. Please contact us for further information.

Estabman is an auditing software designed to support quality managers.  This system uses tablets or smart phones connected to cloud-based databases. The management and/ or quality manager of an establishment will have full control of the data, and can e.g. provide access for consultants, or any other third party, on a case by case bases as appropriate.

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